I’ve been interested in building since I was a child growing up in Germany, and I’ve spent more than 40 years in the building profession. I started out working in masonry, learning the old-world skills of laying brick and working with stone. Then I added woodworking and fine carpentry skills to the mix. I worked my way up through handling larger and larger projects,

I’ve led construction work on highly energy efficient homes and have a deep interest in green building and sustainable building practices.

At the same time, I still enjoy working on small projects (the kinds of handyman projects that many builders think of as being too small to bother with).

To every job, I bring a wide range of hands-on capabilities and problem-solving skills. I enjoy the creative and technical challenges involved in building and home improvement projects.

I love working with architects and interior designers, giving form to their unique creative vision into, but I can also work directly with you to develop a plan. If it becomes clear that you need an architect or interior designer for your project(s), I can help you find ones that are well-suited to meet your needs.

With Uhl Build, you’ll see the difference.

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