Bernhard Uhl just completed a kitchen remodel for us and did a great job. There were some surprises along the way, to be expected as we were tearing out walls and moving things around. These required some minor adjustments to our plans, but Bernhard was always thinking ahead and great about communicating with us. These surprises didn’t end up slowing down the work (or affect the budget). We couldn’t be happier with the change. It has really changed the whole feeling of our home. Amazing! We will definitely work with Bernhard again.

– Bill and Gretchen

Our Craftsman home has a whole bunch of built-in shelves, drawers and cabinets, and it seemed like they were all falling apart, getting stuck, or falling off of their hinges. We didn’t want to take them out, as we love the historic charm of our place. but we also didn’t want to be fighting with them all the time.

Bernhard knew exactly what to do. He was fast, but he did meticulous work. Now everything works – probably better than when it was new.

– Frank and Jamie

Bernhard Uhl answered all my crazy questions and gave me a reasonable estimate for the work. He was careful about protecting our floors and keeping things clean. The project went faster than I expected, and it turned out much better than I expected. Bernhard made it all look easy. He was easy to work with throughout the entire process. I would recommend him highly.The stairs on our porch were falling apart. I called in Bernhard Uhl. He came over and looked at the problem and provided a reasonable estimate.

Bernhard replaced the treads, but he was able to preserve most of the rest of the original construction (while also adding some extra support)

Three days later, we have stairs that look better than when we bought the house. They are now the sturdiest part of our home. The new paint even perfectly matches the trim on our house.

We’re already talking about a couple new projects – shelves in the pantry and adding a mudroom to our back entry. We couldn’t be more pleased with the work he’s done.

I was impressed when Bernhard Uhl showed up to look over what we needed. It wasn’t a big job, fixing some old grout and replacing an old light switch in our bathroom.

He was fast, but he also fixed a couple other things (a squeaky door and broken doorbell) while he was at it – without adding to the price. I am sure that I would have spent more time just wandering around the hardware store looking for the right parts. It’s great to have these things done (and done right).

His attention to detail was amazing. Everything was cleaner when he left than before he came.

Bernhard Uhl converted our basement into a home office. He took out a wall to open up the space, changed the windows, made the entryway much more pleasing and added a bathroom where before there was just a washer and drier. We can’t believe that it’s the same space. The floor, the walls Bernhard is a miracle worker. He found creative ways to work with our limited budget, and he brought in great people to help with the work. He took our unfinished basement and turned it into a professional workspace.

Bernhard Uhl listened to what we were asking for, and then he made it happen. He is a master of implementation. The crew was always there on time and did incredible work. There were no delays or unexpected costs. Whenever there were any questions, Bernhard was there to make adjustments. This kept our complex project moving forward without any problems. Bernhard was addressing a lot of questions long before they became problems. We never had to worry about the work. We could not be more pleased with the work.