Making changes to your home can be messy, especially if the project turned out to be more than you expected!  I created Uhl Build as a solution to cover a full range of home improvement needs, whether it’s a simple handyman project, or larger projects like kitchen and bathroom remodeling and whole house renovations. These different kinds of projects involve different scale and different kinds of challenges, but I’ve successfully helped home and property owners navigate each.

To help reduce confusion and avoid surprises, I do my best to provide a realistic estimate on every project.  Communication is key, so I maintain clear communication with you and with everyone working on the project. Throughout the process, my team and I will work to keep your home as clean as possible and to minimize the disruption in your daily life. When we are finished with the work, we make sure that everything is cleaned up and back to normal.

Some jobs are small enough for me to handle on my own. For larger projects, I assemble the exact team needed to do the job, and coordinate those efforts, keeping a close eye on quality, schedules, and costs.

On every project, no matter how large or small, I always seek to deliver real value.   If you’d like to learn more about me, my team or what we can do for you, please Contact Us, or Request A Consultation!